This Diamond Coated Escape Wire will allow you to cut through a handcuff chain! Includes two pieces, which are two inches in length, perfectly sized to fit in your Undertac Escape & Evasion Pocket. Having this as part of your EDC allows you to abrade or cut handcuff chains using a sawing or drawing motion; this allows for much easier escapes of illegal restraints via chain binding and breaking. Don't leave home without it!


Note: We recommend coating in a piece of tape to prevent undue wear on your Undertac.

Diamond Coated Escape Wire

    • Diamond Coated
    • 1mm Wire
    • 2 Inch Length to Fit Escape & Evasion Pocket
    • 2 Pack
    • Cuts Metal, Glass, Concrete, Stone, and Plastic
    • Weighs 0.025 oz