Be prepared to get yourself out of a tight spot! This kit includes our Universal Handcuff Key, Kevlar® Escape and Evasion Cord (8ft length), Diamond Coated Escape Wire (2 pieces), and the steel E & E Razor. These tools help facilitate the escape of illegal restraints and fit perfectly into the Escape & Evasion Pocket on our Undertac Underwear. Add a few $100 bills and you're better prepared for the unforeseen. The Escape & Evasion Kit, don't leave home without it!


WARNING: Anyone who carries something sharp or potentially dangerous, such as this E &E Razor, does so at their own risk. Do not attempt to store anything sharp or dangerous on your person, if so, you assume all responsibility. Sierra Whiskey Co. cannot be held liable for improper use.

Escape & Evasion Kit

    • Fits Escape & Evasion Pocket
    • Facilitates Escape of Illegal Restraints
    • Lightweight Kit - 0.3 oz