Collaboration with famed knifemaker Mickey Yurco with a limited number available. A titanium single bevel blade that just so happens to be the appropriate dimensions for the Escape & Evasion Pocket of our Undertac Boxer Briefs. Titanium is nonferrous and will typically only set off high-end metal detectors. This knife was designed as a last-ditch effort to escape illegal restraint and works best for pressure cuts. It comes with an affixed grip dot for extra purchase. A Kevlar® pull cord is included as well as an additional adhesive backed grip dot. An excellent piece of kit for non-permissive environments.


WARNING: Anyone who carries something sharp or potentially dangerous, such as this knife, does so at their own risk. Do not attempt to store anything sharp or dangerous on your person, if so, you assume all responsibility. Sierra Whiskey Co. cannot be held liable for improper use.

Yurco Titanium E & E Knife

Out of Stock
    • 1.75" x 0.875"
    • 0.15 oz
    • Lighter Than G10
    • Strong as Steel, But Lighter
    • Made by a Legend