Covenant Rescue Group (CRG) was founded in June 2019 by a US Navy SEAL and his wife. They saw a lack of skills and funding to properly rescue victims and arrest criminals involved in Human Trafficking. They organized their passion, training, and expertise, to bring this wicked, organized enterprise to an end.

CRG provides funding for REAL-LIFE operations that lead to REAL rescues, arrests, and prosecution.  We provide essential training and equipment for law enforcement.  We create teams that are dedicated to the mission. We spread awareness, advocating through news, social media, and conferences to the growing global problem of human trafficking and how to end it.

Guardian Group’s mission is to prevent and disrupt the sex trafficking of women and children while enabling partners to identify victims and predators in the United States. Our vision is that every child in the US would live free from this form of slavery and the threat of it; where the innocence of all children is reclaimed and restored.


We are seeing this vision come to life of more girls being recovered. Guardian Group’s team utilizes the skills and expertise of elite veteran intelligence analysts to identify and locate women and minors who are victims of sex trafficking. Our support assists local, state, and federal law enforcement in recovering these victims. We provide training at no cost to law enforcement agencies in order to ensure they have the most up to date techniques used by sex traffickers. Further, we provide training to hotels, hospitals, and other venues in order to inoculate communities against sex trafficking.


Sierra Whiskey Co. was founded around two simple ideas. The first, develop premium products in which form follows function. The second, find a way to give back. We wanted to do more than just create the best men's boxer briefs. That’s why we take a portion of our profits and donate them to veteran-run, non-profit organizations that are helping to fight human trafficking


We value honor, integrity, class, and action. We believe it is not only okay to be who you are but necessary and vital to your existence, and for that we make no apologies. We encourage our customers to live life to the fullest and we'll provide you the gear to do so. 

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