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The perfect add-on for your Undertac underwear Escape & Evasion Pocket. Whether you're doing work in non-permissive environments or just guarding America's freedoms you should have one, or several, of these hidden on your person. Just the right size to be pulled from the Infantry back tag with just one finger. Don't let a lack of a tiny piece of metal be the deciding factor between you and your freedom. Let's face it, you're probably gonna lose one so you should probably buy three.

Universal Handcuff Key

SKU: K-1
    • Universal Key for ASP, Chicago, CTS, Hiatt, Peerless, and Smith & Wesson Handcuffs.
    • Nickel Plated Steel
    • Shorter, lighter, and less bulky than most keys.
    • 1.75" Long and weighs 0.15 oz.

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