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The Best Men's Underwear for Travel and Rucking


"Hands down the best underwear on the market, whether you are a member of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement community, or every day carry citizen. These underwear are amazingly comfortable and highly innovative. They allow for easy access to do your business while still maintaining your kit and equipment. Sierra Whiskey Company really set themselves apart from their competitors when designing their product around those who serve to protect others. For those whose professions demand performance in the tactical realm and harsh environments, these are the underwear for you!

Dave / Special Forces Operator

Special forces operator on truck

“As an operator on a Special Forces ODA I have finally found a pair of underwear that I like. They keep you from chafing while rucking over mountain tops on infills, and dry quickly after a water op. The fly design that Sierra Whiskey came up with is really top notch. Super easy to do your business even when you're wearing full kit and a 100 pound ruck. The whole ODA rocks these Undertac's and none of us will go back to wearing what we did before. These out perform every brand including Underarmor with all aspects. Fit, feel, durability and look is unmatched."

Dan / Special Forces Operator

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