Undertac Recon are the best men’s boxer brief for high activity. Rucking all day? Yeah, they’re perfect for that. Eight-mile run? Yeah, they’re perfect for that. Hitting the weights and then liberating an oppressed country? Yeah, they’re perfect for that! These feature our Quick Release Ambi Fly which makes it super easy to do your business when wearing kit or an operator’s belt. The RECON tag on the back of the waistband is our Escape and Evasion Pocket, which allows covert carry of a few $100 bills, a handcuff key, handcuff shim, Kevlar® cord, ceramic blade, or any other implements to help you get out of a dangerous situation. Items can be retrieved with one finger and the best part is it appears only as a label! The 8” inseam on Recon Boxer Briefs and slight compression will prevent any ride-up and keep your assets secure for the whole mission. Junk secured, mission accomplished.

Undertac Recon Boxer Brief