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Introducing the Exfil Boot Sock, engineered for warriors who demand peak performance in every mission. Crafted with precision and battle-tested technology, these socks redefine comfort and durability. Here's why the Exfil Boot Sock is your ultimate tactical companion:


Battle Weave Toughness:


Built on a Battle Weave wool base that's 5 times stronger than standard merino wool, these socks are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. When every step counts, trust in the unmatched strength of Exfil.


Shrink Resistance:


No compromises here. Our Exfil Boot Sock is shrink-resistant, ensuring a consistent fit even after intense wear and countless washes. Stay focused on the mission without worrying about sock shrinkage.


Ultimate Arch Support:


Feel the difference with our advanced arch support technology. The Exfil Boot Sock provides optimal arch support for unmatched comfort during long hours on your feet.


Ultra Cushion Sole Padding:


Experience next-level protection and comfort with the ultra-cushioned sole padding. Whether you're navigating rugged terrain or standing firm, your feet are shielded from impact for peak performance.


Cushioned Achilles Area:


Designed for the toughest challenges, our sock features a cushioned Achilles area to prevent chafing and blisters during extended rucks. Keep pushing forward without the distraction of discomfort.


Year-Round Comfort:


Embrace the benefits of wool without the itch. The Exfil Boot Sock offers warmth in winter, coolness in summer, and a soft touch that lasts. Your feet deserve the best, no matter the season.


Moisture-Wicking Mastery:


Stay dry and focused with ultra-moisture-wicking properties. Our socks keep your feet cool and comfortable, ensuring you're ready for action, no matter the intensity.


Naturally Anti-Bacterial:


We understand the importance of hygiene in the field. The Exfil Boot Sock is naturally anti-bacterial, providing a fresh and odor-free experience throughout your mission.


Durability Redefined:


Double-stitch nylon heel and toe construction significantly increases durability, extending the life of your socks. The Exfil Boot Sock is built to withstand the rigors of your mission.


Innovative Composition:


75% Battle Weave Wool (50% Merino, 50% Polypropylene) + 15% Nylon + 10% Spandex equals 100% Awesome. Unleash the power of cutting-edge materials for unrivaled performance.


Bunch-Free Toe Seam:


Enjoy a seamless experience with our bunch-free toe seam. Focus on your objective without the distraction of uncomfortable seams.


Equip yourself with the Exfil Boot Sock – where strength meets comfort, and performance knows no bounds. Dominate the mission with socks that go beyond the ordinary. Roll with Exfil, where excellence is standard.

Exfil Boot Sock

    • Made in USA
    • 7" Tall
    • Battle Weave Wool 5x Stronger Than Merino Wool
    • Shrink Resistant
    • Ultimate Arch Support
    • Ultra Cushion Sole Padding; Extra Protection and Comfort
    • Cushioned Achillies; Prevent chafing and Blisters on Long Rucks
    • Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer, No Itch
    • Ultra Moisture Wicking
    • Naturally Anti-bacterial
    • Double Stitch Nylon Heel and Toe; Superior Durability
    • Bunch-free Toe Seam
    • 75% Battle Weave Wool (50 % Merino, 50% Polypropylene) + 15% Nylon + 10% Spandex = 100% Awesome
  • SIZING S / M     L / XL
    Men 5 - 9 9 - 13
    Women 6 - 10 10 - 14
    Euro 37 - 42 43 - 48


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