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Level Up Your Foot Game: Exfil Boot Sock 3-Pack


Dominate every mission, every day, with the Exfil Boot Sock 3-Pack. This isn't just a bundle of socks; it's a tactical advantage for your feet.


Fresh Feet, Every Step of the Way: Stock up and avoid laundry day blues. Always have a pair of battle-ready Exfil Socks on deck.


Unleash Variety or Not: Choose Tactical Spumoni if you like the tactical rainbow or the other options if you’re a one-note operator.


Unmatched Savings: Score a discount by bundling these bad boys together.


Unwavering Performance:

  • Battle Weave Toughness: Experience unparalleled durability with socks built to conquer any terrain.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Conquer long rucks and intense activities with advanced arch support, ultra-cushioned soles, and a cushioned Achilles area.
  • Year-Round Versatility: Stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and dry always with moisture-wicking technology and naturally anti-bacterial materials.


The Exfil Boot Sock 3-Pack is more than just socks; it's your foot's ultimate guardian angel. Don't just survive, dominate. Get your Exfil Boot Sock 3-Pack today and experience the difference.

Exfil Boot Sock 3 Pack

$89.97 Regular Price
$85.47Sale Price
    • Made in USA
    • 7" Tall
    • Battle Weave Wool 5x Stronger Than Merino Wool
    • Shrink Resistant
    • Ultimate Arch Support
    • Ultra Cushion Sole Padding; Extra Protection and Comfort
    • Cushioned Achillies; Prevent chafing and Blisters on Long Rucks
  • SIZING S / M     L / XL
    Men 5 - 9 9 - 13
    Women 6 - 10 10 - 14
    Euro 37 - 42 43 - 48

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