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This little ceramic folder punches way above its weight class! Its blade is made of zirconia ceramic and is chisel ground. It will maintain the edge even with repeated cuttings of Kevlar®, which will normally do a number on steel bladed knives. The exposed back of the blade when folded makes for a great firesteel scraper and it shaves magnesium without issue. The small size of this folder allows for you to stow it near anywhere, even an E & E pocket. The brass rivet, where it attaches to the handle, can double as a lanyard hole. The handle is injection molded and the whole setup will never rust. Buy two for you and pick one up for a friend, it’s a great gift for the survival oriented.


WARNING: Anyone who carries something sharp or potentially dangerous, such as this Ceramic Folder, does so at their own risk. Do not attempt to store anything sharp or dangerous on your person, if so, you assume all responsibility. Sierra Whiskey Co. cannot be held liable for improper use.

SWCO Ceramic Folder

    • Coolest Tiny Sharp Thing
    • Closed Length: 1.7"
    • Blade Length: 1.1"
    • Overall Length: 2.8"
    • Blade Material: Nonmagnetic Extremely Hard Zirconia Ceramic
    • Blade Grind: Chisel Grind
    • Handle Material: Black Synthetic

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