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Kevlar® Escape and Evasion Cord is the perfect addition to your EDC. This ultra-strong 200 lb. test, ultra-lightweight cordage has a multitude of uses and fits right in the Undertac Escape & Evasion Pocket.  This cordage is easy to fly with and doesn’t set off detectors or scanners.  This is one of the best tools for escaping illegal restraints as it can effectively cut through zip ties, zip cuffs, and thick or rolled duct tape. See our blog or video series on escaping restraints to learn how to use it. It also can be used to fashion an improvised garrote in emergency situations.


This 8ft length should be plenty for you to stage in order to get out of restraints. We recommend tying a loop at each end just big enough to fit over the toes of the shoes you commonly wear. The overall length with loops tied should be about the size of your arm span or height. If you are more flexible you can leave it a bit shorter; however, we do recommend practicing the escape and evasion techniques in order to find the correct length for your body type.

Kevlar® Escape and Evasion Cord

    • 8ft Length
    • Made from 100% Dupont Kevlar Fiber
    • 200lb Test
    • Light Weight - 0.05 oz
    • High Temp Resistance, 800-900°F Melting Point
    • 1.1 mm Diameter

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